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Human Rights Violation

“Child Abuse, Child Rapes, Domestic Violence, Bloodshed Riots”                                                                                               […]
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Freedom of Press in India

Freedom of Press in India By : Mehre Emaan[1] The term ‘press’ is commonly used to imply print media like magazines and newspapers. ‘Media’ is a broader term that includes television, radio, internet, etc. However, lately, these terms are being used interchangeably due to the ever-rising means of information. Newspapers have also started online editions […]
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Functioning of Legal Fraternity Post COVID

Functioning of Legal Fraternity Post COVID By: Apurv Kumar[1] The crisis that the world and our country is facing because of the accelerated and seemingly and unimaginable spread of the COVID-19 virus is not just unprecedented in contemporary times but also damaging on various multiple fronts. Barring a few exceptions, almost the whole world is […]
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By : Kashish Gupta, Lovely Professional University INTRODUCTION The term ‘bailment’ refers to ‘an act of delivering the goods to one person for the purpose of some specific use but without transfer of ownership’. It means that one person gives some goods to another person for a particular purpose and after the completion of purpose […]
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By : Nikita Parihar, Lovely Professional University INTRODUCTION Contract of indemnity meaning is a special kind of contract. The term ‘indemnity’ literally means “security or protection against a loss” or compensation. According to Section 124 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872  “A contract by which one party promises to save the other from loss caused to him by the […]
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Acid Attacks

By : Kashish Gupta, Lovely Professional University Acid attack is a worldwide issue affecting all regardless old enough, caste, and religion. It is the most deplorable type of gender based brutality against ladies. Culprit’s point isn’t to kill the person in question yet to leave her in a lamentable condition. Wounds on the body mend […]
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