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Human Rights Violation

“Child Abuse, Child Rapes, Domestic Violence, Bloodshed Riots”

                                                                                                                                                                                                          By:Ananya Bansal[1]



Daily newspaper headline says. This is our new normal where despite the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and special covenants provided for the rights of children, women, and the disabled, crimes continue rampant and unabated. 

Humans have sole authority to live our lives and to live that life peacefully human rights were designed. Rights, which were to guide us and bring Harmony, now turned into banes everyone is fighting against. The Constitution of India established various laws that are in existence but a total vain. Human rights violations are the order of the day and the above ‘law- enforcement’ arsenals fall short of implementation. 

However, these violations have multiple magnitudes, and most of them are daily debated about. It is high time where we need to quit talking and start working on these social disrupts.



According to UNICEF, nearly 22,000 children die each day due to hunger, largely because they lack proper nutrition and health care. Almost half the population of the planet lives on less than $2.50 a day. More than a billion people in the world live on less than $1.25 a day in abject poverty, while the wealthiest 1 percent have almost half of the world’s income.

It underlines that in the distribution of the world economy, there is a significant difference and disparity. Thus, poverty is one of today’s most serious issues facing the world. Besides, poverty poses a grave threat to political stability, social cohesion, peace, and justice. In a way, poverty is directly connected to human rights, and it is not a matter of charity but one of the significant human rights, which question to solve the problems of poverty. States should be legally obliged to take into account their national and international human rights obligations. The lack of decent learning dictates not only the future of a child but also the success and sustainability of entire generations; lack of education is the underlying cause of all issues, including human right violations is a macroeconomic instability and socioeconomic evolution.





Students are socially competent after school by having all the resources required for success by obtaining academic excellence. One of the essential drivers of growth is education in every context. Without significant investment in human resources, no country can achieve sustainable economic growth. Training enriches the awareness of individuals about themselves and the world. This increases the quality of their lives and contributes to large social benefits for people and society. We need to provide every child with full and competitive schooling to build the infrastructure designed to last, which will enable it to thrive in a knowledge-based and innovation-based global economy. Training increases the efficiency and innovation of people and stimulates entrepreneurship and developments in technology. It also plays a critical role in ensuring economic and social growth and improving income distribution. Through delivering educational opportunities to countries, human rights abuses, economic downturns, and social disparities can be reduced largely.



Genocide, torture, and violations of civil and political rights are violated. Such violations usually occur in times of war. When human rights violations intersect with the conflict of armed conflict laws, this is a war crime. Conflict may also cause violations of the right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly. States are usually responsible for violations because they try to maintain control and suppress social power. Violations of civil and political rights are not always related to specific conflicts but can occur at any specific time, because human trafficking is currently one of the biggest problems in the world, and millions of men, women, and children are forced to Engage in labour and sexual exploitation. This means that violations often occur because the state has failed to protect valuable groups in the wall.



India’s failure to achieve equality based on gender is quite surprising. Numerous females face discrimination based on sex and gender. Multiple issues that influence females overwhelmingly remain underpinned by gender disparity, including sexual exploitation abuse, reduced wages, and shortage of resources, including insufficient services. Moreover, recent campaigns, such as the #MeToo initiative, which exposes the prevalence of gender-based abuse and sexual assault, have exploded in the digital age. Stopping Rape and other sexual violence, female genital mutilation (FGM), forced marriage, forced pregnancy, forced abortion, or forced sterilization is the need of the hour. 

There is a further need for extended laws for the protection of human rights. Human rights were designed out for our sake to protect us, provide freedom, literacy, and make us capable of preserving our dignity. Every citizen of India reserves equal rights irrespective of colour caste or creed. Even after decades of independence, we still need to cover miles of distance to become a developed nation. We might have grown in other economical sections, but we are not even close to it when it comes to social development. Age-old taboos have kept us on the back foot and are one of the biggest obstacles in our progress. Our country has witnessed many major cases of human rights violations, which led to riots, deaths, and bloodshed due to clashes because of differences between ethnic groups, different genders, and other social groups. Though we have signed the universal declaration of human rights with the UN, still human rights violation cases are prevalent. Some of the gruesome incidents of human rights violations in our country left the country in a state of distress



The terrorist act forced the Hindus, a large majority of Kashmiri Pandits, to escape from their homes within the geographical area depression within the early half of 1990. According to Asia Watch, the militant organizations forced the Hindus residing within the geographical area depression to escape and become refugees in Delhi-NCR and Jammu. Group action continues until an enormous majority of the Kashmiri Pandits were evicted out of the depression when having suffered varied acts of violence, together with a sex offence on women, arson, mental torture, and property extortion.


HINDU – SIKH RIOTS IN Delhi – 1984

In the early Eighties, Sikh separatists in the geographical region tightened separate state ‘Khalistan’ committed serious human rights abuses, massacring civilians, offensive Hindu minorities, and applied bomb attacks in thronged places. In June 1984, the government deployed security forces to flush out the militant’s UN agency had occupied the holiest of Sikh shrines, the Golden Temple in Amritsar. The campaign inflicted severe harm to the shrine and killed a whole lot, together with pilgrims, militants, and security personnel. On October -31, 1984, Indira Nehru Gandhi was dead in the Associate in the Nursing act of revenge by 2 of her Sikh bodyguards. Following the assassination, mobs, reportedly instigated by political leaders, went on a rampage against Sikhs in the metropolis and alternative cities. Over 3 days, over 2500 Sikhs were killed, robbed of their belongings, and destroyed. Many ladies were raped within the urban centre. Many Sikhs were massacred elsewhere within the country. The authorities were quickly goddamn each incident of very communal violence on a spontaneous public reaction.



A Dalit Doctor of Philosophy Student. The age-previous clashes between the therefore known as social class and the deprived heap are not one thing new in India’s social discovered. The suicide of Rohith Vemula, a Dalit Doctor of Philosophy student at the Hyderabad Central University, was only 1 example of the many such avertible clashes that concerned Dalit students. The inhumane treatment of two-handed dead set members of the Dalit community finally reached plenty. In many cases, Dalits were being stripped and crushed by unpaid worker teams, some even being urinated upon. 



Child labour is one of the largest menaces that grips several bright youngsters and spoil their promising futures. youngsters’ happiness to the poorer or economically weaker sections of the society usually falls prey to kid labour. Their oldsters force them to require on petty jobs at a tender age and build immense compromise with their education for wish of cash. According to Human Rights Watch, 2 out of 5 youngsters in Bharat drop out of faculty before finishing their eighth regular. Hence, a large range of kids in our country square measure robbed their basic right to free and obligatory education. Security forces affecting operations against Maoist insurgents were defendant of significant human rights violations like molestation and killing of innocent social group villagers. in keeping with a report was given by the National Commission of regular Tribe, security forces deployed in Odisha killed 5 social group villagers together with youngsters and claimed that they were killed throughout anti-Maoist operations.

The right exists as embodied within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore the entire body of international human rights law they’re recognized a minimum of in essence by most Nation and forms the centre of the many national Constitution that the particular situation within the world is way distant from the perfect envisioned within the declaration. We can be told that law and state together with the supreme court provides an excellent contribution for improvement and that they were projecting towards the Human Rights jurisprudence because a person’s and jurisprudence cover and forcemeat of fundamental rights and fundamental freedoms guaranteed under article 19 to 30 of the constitution which offer substantial and useful material for the higher version for the event of Human Rights, Particularly rights of worker women because in India women constitute nearly one-half hour population and ladies are denied Human Rights from the cradle to the grave nearly 41% of women abroad play an active role within the assembly process in India. Things leave much to be described as sexual abuse, flash Threads are generating evils that threaten the existence of women as Independent, so it had been necessary Supreme Court create projects, and placing women’s rights during a context give legitimacy transparency visibility and acceptability. [i]



[1] the author is a student of 19 Model School, Chandigarh

[i] (Bansal, A. (2021). “Human right violations: an anathema to society.”

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